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Thermal Controlled Chucks & Plates

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Mechanical Devices newest innovation in thermal testing. Each TP system contains a thermal chuck or thermal plate and a self-contained thermal control unit.

The TP chuck and platforms is a breakthrough product that introduced the use of refrigerant for active cooling & heating of wafers and other components with no need of chiller, CDA, or consumable and expensive refrigerants such as liquid nitrogen and liquid carbon dioxide. It can be a perfect replacement system in the industry for uncompromising thermal and mechanical performance with a temperature ranging from -60 to +220°C.

Thermal temperature controlled chuck– Top Cool

Thermal Plates

These precisely controllable temperature plates from MD Systems provide an open work surface with rapid heating and cooling or holding at temperature. Also known as “hot/cold plates”, they are ideal for testing or conditioning low profile items with a flat surface such as RF devices and high density power device testing (IGBTs and MOSFETs).

These hot/cold plates can be used also for custom product, Lab/Medical, benchtop, battery cooling, sample cooling, precise and ultra-low temp control applications. Several sizes and made-to-order thermal plate are available.

The TP system requires only electrical power to operate, so the system can be rolled to anyplace in the facility that it is needed and simply plugged-in to an AC outlet.

Top Cool - Thermal chuck System

Thermal Chucks

TP chuck is a family of thermal controlled chucks used for test characterization, modeling, process development, design, de-bug or IC failure analysis of semiconductor wafers. The TP chuck system have the performance and versatility needed for all main analytical probe stations integration.

For analytical and production test applications calling for fast temperature change, cooling and heating times become particularly important for wafer test productivity. Time to temperature and soaking times with TP are considerably faster than any water or air based systems.

Available for 100 mm (4”), 150 mm (6″), 200 mm (8″)and 300 mm (12”) wafers.

Temp. range: -60°C to +220°C

No chiller or CDA required

Industry’s fastest transition times

Quite & portable

Maintenance FREE

Integrated with probe station


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