Privacy policy

At Mechanical Devices, we take privacy and the protection of your Personal Data seriously.

Personal Data means information that can directly or indirectly identify you or other individuals (“Personal Data”). This typically includes information such as your surname, name, name suffix, date of birth, address, email address, telephone number, date of purchase and financial details provided by you in connection with your purchase. Personal Data can also include other information such as your IP address and your shopping habits.

We take privacy seriously. Here are our 7 privacy promises to you:

1.  We will use your data only in regards to your direct request for information.
2.  We will not use your data to sign you up for any newsletters or similar marketing communications without your prior consent.
3.  We will use only your corporate email address for communication with us.
4.  We will ensure that your Personal Data is used in line with applicable data protection laws.
5.  We will provide you simple options to say ‘STOP’ when you are no longer happy with our marketing communications.
6.  We will protect online and offline data in a similar manner.
7.  We will take reasonable steps to make sure no unauthorized person accesses your Personal Data.

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