Mechanical- Devices’s thermal forcing systems stimulate the DUT to a desired temperature by direct contact/conduction between a thermal head and the DUT.

Soldered down or socketed DUTs are accessed through a selection of interfaces such as adapter plates, boom stands, pneumatic systems and custom solutions.

FlexTC - Low Power

FlexTC Benchtop Temperature Forcing System
Cooling power 20W@-32⁰CFrom -50⁰C to +155⁰C

MaxTC POWER PLUS G4 - Extreme Power

MaxTC Power Plus High Power Temperature Forcing System
Extreme cooling power 400W@-55⁰C (Steady state) From -75⁰C to +200⁰C

MaxTC G4- High Power

MaxTC G4 Temperature Forcing Solution
Ultimate cooling power 90W@-40⁰CFrom -70⁰C to +175⁰C/ (Option for 200⁰C)

MaxTC ECO Cool - Economical Extreme

ECO Cool Temperature Forcing System
Economical High Performance 400W@0⁰CFrom -30⁰C to +200⁰C