FlexTC Ready Socekts lids

FlexTC Ready Sockets Lids

Mechanical-Devices will provide socket manufacturers, free of charge, all the technical information required to manufacture FlexTC Ready Sockets Lids. Acquiring FlexTC ready sockets lids eliminates the need to purchase the mechanical Interface from Mechanical-Devices.

flat surface thermocouple
Flat Surface Thermocouple Inserted FlexTC Ready Socket Lid
flextc ready test socket
FlexTC Ready Test Socket - Thermocouple inserted device pusher
custom thermocouple DUT lid opening
FlexTC Ready Test Socket - Open Frame Lid

The following is a list of socket manufacturers approved by Mechanical-Devices to supply FlexTC ready sockets lids:

  1. Ardent concepts ardentconcepts.com

Mechanical-Devices sockets support

Since the introduction of the FlexTC on the market, we have custom-designed and manufactured mechanical interfaces that enable FlexTC to operate with test sockets from over 30 different manufacturers worldwide, including: Johnstech, Ironwood, ECT Multitest, YAMAICHI, Enplas, ,Winway Technologies, Paricon, 3M, Wells-CTI, Ardent Concepts, IDI Antares, Phoenix ,Robson RTI, Gold Technologies, Aries Electronics, Plastronics and more.

Mechanical-Devices engineering group will design and manufacture mechanical interfaces for every existing socket on the market -from all brands.

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