Handler Integrated FlexTC Systems

FlexTC provides a robust and cost effective solution for thermal handler testing. FlexTC can be integrated into new handlers or as retrofit into existing handlers. Mechanical-Devices designs and manufactures custom dimensions thermal heads that will fit into the handler’s chassis. Configurations are available in single and dual site testing.

TCU on handler setup example
Single site side hose FlexTC system operating on a MiniMax handler
double site side hose
Dual site side hose FlexTC system operating on a Exatron handler
flextc mounted
FlexTC mounted on Exatron handler chassis for production floor savings

FlexTC is ideal for handler’s integration in many ways

Device plungers construction includes Mechanical-Devices cooling units, thermal sensors and communication boards. Device Plunger selection is application-oriented and determines the temperature range and the cooling power performances of the FlexTC.

  1. The unit footprint is very compact and it will not occupy expensive test production floor the FlexTC can be placed inside the handler cabinet or mounted on a shelf.
  2. Due to its fluid free operation, the FlexTC does not pose risks of leaks that are associated with chiller-based systems which would severely damage expensive test and handling equipment.
  3. FlexTC tri-temp-handler prices are cost effective.


Please contact Mechanical-Devices for further information regarding handlers retrofit

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