MaxTC G4

High Power Temperature Forcing System

NEW G4– MaxTC is our premium Temperature Forcing System product, specifically designed for industry needs as a result of customer´s feedback from the Flex-TC. Its powerful cooling force (90W @ -40°C), rapid transition rates (75°C /min) and remote control capabilities will provide solutions to all semiconductor testing needs. MaxTC is compact, ultra quiet (55 d BA) and fits into any laboratory. A premium product at amazing value.



Temp. Range: -70°C to 200°C

High Power: 90W@-40°C

Quiet operation: 55dBA

Maintenance FREE

Frost FREE operation


This Product includes and protected by patents.
Proprietary of Mechanical-Devices Ltd 2024©

CE Certified and ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

MaxTC - Temperature forcing system
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