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Mechanical Devices – Advanced Thermal Solutions:

Our advanced and patented technology in thermal forcing systems enables your engineering team to simply, efficiently and cost-effectively perform stable and accurate tests for IC/sensor devices over extreme temperatures. This results in enhanced reliability and stability even in the most exceptional temperature conditions.

We here at Mechanical Devices take pride in serving the needs of our customers. We manufacture all components under our own roof, so there is never an issue with attaining spare parts and delivery time is shortened.

We underdstand that all our clients have specific needs and methods of working. We custom design a plunger to the exact dimensions of the IC/sensor being tested, this results in very accurate tests and no risk of damaging any parifirals around the test area. We put the needs of our customers first and online 24/7 support is with you all the time.

We are dedicated to the highest manufacturing standards and quality assurance. Our systems are CE compliant and we offer worldwide service and support. Our factory is of the latest innovation and accommodate all demands.

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We can be found worldwide

Company head quarters are located Haifa, Israel, with a subsidiary at Santa Clara, USA.
Mainly working with distributors/agents and key customers directly.

Since 2005 Mechanical Devices develop produce and supply innovative cost effective thermal control units to major semiconductor devices manufacturers to test IC devices.

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