Universal Adapter Plates

Universal Adapter Plates serve as a base for affixing the FlexTC thermal head on top of the socket/DUT.

Unlike Custom Adapter Plates, Universal Adapter Plates are attached to test boards that comply with Mechanical-Devices board design rules. By following these design rules customers can eliminate Custom Adapter Plate interface related costs as the same Universal Adapter Plate can be used in many different projects for testing diversity of devices with different types of sockets on different boards.

Universal Adapter Plate
Universal Adapter Plate attached to board - side view
Universal Adapter Plate
Universal adapter Plate attached to board

Frost Preventing Armaflex Rings

Frost Preventing Armaflex Rings are placed between the Universal Adapter Plate bottom surface and the board, they keep the purge dry air around the DUT and are insulating between the test area and the surrounding environment.

Frost preventing Armaflex Ring
Frost preventing Armaflex Rings in Universal Adapter Plates applications

Mechanical Stoppers

Mechanical stoppers are placed on the adapter plate alignment pins. They act as an axis limit hardstops and are used to prevent operators from going beyond the necessary motion range.

Mechanical Stoppers
Mechanical Stoppers mounted on the alignment pins