Quick Connect Vacuum Interface Unit

Quick connect Vacuum Interface Compatible with FlexTC and MaxTC Systems, for rapid replacement of devices in Sockets, during multiple testing.

Mechanical Devices is introducing the Quick connect Vacuum Interface enabling quick replacement of devices in the sockets
and is suitable for operators who plan on testing many devices on a daily basis conveniently.
Adjust the vacuum force to apply the exact closing force on the DUT according to the socket manufacturers requirements.
Using the vacuum quick connect is Easy, convenience, Safe, accurate, with secured alignment and allows replacement
of hundreds of devices easily with fast test set-ups.

Meets the most demanding cycle time requirements with 100% device continuity at the test sockets

  • Adjustable DUT pressure force  (0 ~14 Kg/ Force).
  • Small footprint, high reliability design.
  • Ease of use during set-up & operation
Vacuum Interface – Mechanical Devices
Vacuum Interface – Mechanical Devices

Quick Connect Vacuum Mechanism comes in 3 different types:

  1. D1 – 100mm/up to   4.8Kg
  2. D1 – 140mm/up to   9.6Kg
  3. D1 – 160mm/up to 13.9Kg
Vacuum Interface – Mechanical Devices
Vacuum Interface – Mechanical Devices

Vacuum System consists of Three Components:

Quick Connect Vacuum Generation Unit

Quick Connect Vacuum Generation Unit
P/N – VGU485
System Enclosure (mm/inch): 140(L) x140(W)x 63.5 (H) 5.5(L) x 5.5(W) x 2.5(H)
Fluid admitted – compressed Air, (6mm hose)
Service pressure range: 87-130 psi (0.6-0.9Mpa)
Vacuum level: -26.5 in.Hg (-90 kPa;0.9Bar)

Quick connect PN

Quick connect P/N
100/140/160mm deep cyclone vacuum pad.
Vacuum hose m/(ft): 1.0meter (3.25ft)
DUT pressure force: 0-13.9Kg/ Force.

Vacuum Adapter plate

Vacuum Adapter plate
P/N – VBA485-30
Custom designed to match customer specified test socket/board
Peek base with round edge aluminium plate