Clip-On Actuator

New mechanical interface; ´Clip-On´ with Z axis integrated

  • Robust and small footprint
  • Setup is very fast and convenient using the clip connects.
  • Precise and consistent force, contact and thermal conductivity.
  • Touch screen for accurate actuating force control in Kgf, (can be remote controlled)
  • Fast and simple to attach and detach the thermal head using the clip connect.
  • Adaptable for variety of soldered and socketed devices (2mm to 45mm).
  • Compressed air supply is ONLY required. (80PSI maximum, 4mm air pipe hose)
  • Ideal for bench testing, ATE and productive test engineering
  • Can be purchased with New Flex TC or Max TC units with square thermal head.
Easy Purge Air inlet from the rear end of the System
Flex TC Max TC
System back panel thermocouple port
System back panel K-type thermocouple port

Clip-on Actuator types:

Right angle Z-axis Actuator

180° angle Z-axis Actuator

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