Torque Wrench (for DUT force control)

The Torque wrench is especially designed for applyingtorque to the ThermalHead nut of Flex-TC/ Max-TC and precisely adjusting the plunger force from 15kgf and up to 72kgf to connect the DUT.

Efficient operation is achieved due to the rigid and precise design.

The torque wrench comes with a window scale, fine increment operation and lock knob to unable fine force setting in kgf.

The handle is comfortable to use due to Ergonomic soft TPR grip.

The user simply, removes the lid, connects the socket adapter, places the IC into the socket and applies torque to thermal head nut to connect the IC.


  • Double window scale
  • High precision
  • Hard construction
  • Ergonomic soft TPR grips
  • Lock Knob secures selected torque from accidental change
  • Head *+/-4% accuracy in clockwise direction exceeds international specifications
  • Force from accidental change
  • Dual Metric and English scales are easy to read and set
  • Fine increment operation
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