Temperature Forcing Systems

For IC / Sensor Cycle Testing

Looking for Thermal Forcing Systems for evaluation and validation of IC devices?

We can support your engineering teams with temperature forcing systems to validate the design and to support failure analysis.

Mechanical Devices – Advanced Thermal Solutions is a global leader and innovator in developing, producing and supplying state-of-the-art thermal solutions, used primarily by semiconductor manufacturers to test their IC devices over extreme temperatures.

Mechanical Devices’ temperature control units perform fast, accurate, stable and cost effective solutions, using advanced and patented technology.


As an integral part of the qualification and characterization process, engineers verify the sensor or IC is operational at different environmental conditions such as extreme temperature, to meet the Automotive, Airspace or other industries’ specifications.

With the industry standard temperature control units; Flex TC/ Max TC /Power Plus, Mechanical Devices is changing the way of testing and controlling the temperature, enabling semiconductor manufacturers to enhance their profitability and reliability by improving the efficiency and accuracy of their IC test processes.

Mechanical Devices’ Thermal Forcing systems are well integrated with automatic test equipment (ATE), SLT and Handlers, to simulate extreme temperature conditions at the lab, and later on at the test house facility.

    Mechanical Devices Ltd Develops, Produces and Supplies state-of-the-art thermal solutions to the worldwide semiconductor industry for devices testing over temperature, whether in benchtop, ATE or SLT.

    Innovative Thermal Solutions.

    Test your IC Device with confidence without ever
    worrying about Temperature requirements.

    Temperature range options from -75°C to 200°C.
    Cooling power options can reach -40°C@400W.


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    Thermal Forcing Solution Has Never Been Easier

    Direct Contact TCU – free of fluid and compressed air.

    MD Thermal control units were designed with high performance and flexibility in mind, allowing for customization to suit different package and interface variations.

    The system allows for temperature forcing on any package. With advanced design and technology, MD units stimulate the DUT to the desired temperature with precision and consistency via direct contact with a thermal head’s plunger.

    MD Thermal control units are self-contained, for real plug and play setup.