Temperature Forcing Systems

For Testing IC Devices

In semiconductor manufacturing, engineers design Integrated Circuits (also referred to as IC or Chip) often containing thousands of tiny resistors and capacitors installed on a semiconductor surface such as silicone.

Integrated Circuits and devices as used in various industries; from consumer electronics and communication – to bank’s ATM, trains, medical devices, smoke detectors and many more.

In the final stages of production, IC devices are stressed and tested with temperature forcing systems to validate the design and to support failure analysis.


As an integral part of the qualification and characterization process, engineers need to verify that IC is functioning in different environmental conditions such as extreme temperature, especially so for IC devices designed to be used outdoors, in harsh environments.

In order to do so, extreme temperature conditions are simulated and controlled at the lab and later on at the test house facility. This can be achieved by utilizing tools such as test Chambers, Thermal Stream systems and Direct Thermal Head systems.

While most Thermal Stream systems are relatively big, heavy and noisy (due to the use of air flow), the Direct Thermal Head systems are smaller, portable, noise-free, less expensive, more accurate, require no special power outlet and can easily be operated in any lab or even an office.

Innovative Thermal Solutions.

MD Mechanical Devices – is a leading designer, developer and global supplier of state of the art thermal solutions and a broad range of thermal forcing systems for testing IC devices over temperature. Mechanical devices temperature control units provide fast, accurate, stable and cost effective solutions, using advanced technology to serve the needs of test engineers.

With the industry’s state-of-the-art temperature control units, Flex TC, Max TC and Power Plus, Mechanical devices is changing the way in which testing and temperature control is performed. These changes create improved efficiency and accuracy of the IC testing process to enabling semiconductor manufacturers to test reliability and enhance their profitability.

FlexTC MaxTC
  • Small, Lightweight and Portable
  • Humidity Free and Noise Free
  • Easy to Use – Plug and Play
  • High Integrity and Accuracy (±0.2˚C)
  • No Influence to Surrounding Components

Test your IC Device with confidence without ever
worrying about Temperature requirements.

Temperature range options from -75°C to 200°C.
Cooling power options can reach -40°C@400W.

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Thermal Forcing Solution Has Never Been Easier

Direct Contact TCU – free of fluid and compressed air.

MD Thermal control units were designed with high performance and flexibility in mind, allowing for customization to suit different package and interface variations.

The system allows for temperature forcing on any package. With state of the art design and technology, MD units stimulates the DUT to the desired temperature precisely and consistently via direct contact with a thermal head’s plunger.

MD Thermal control units are self-contained, for real plug and play setup.