Custom Adapter Plates

Custom Adapter Plates are used for testing devices in sockets.

They serve as a base for affixing the FlexTC thermal head on top of the socket. Custom Adapter Plates are attached to the socket guide and are designed for operation with a specific socket on existing boards. The Custom Adapter Plates mounting holes locations are determined by the corresponding holes in the customer-supplied socket board.

Adapter Mechanical Devices
Tall Custom Adapter Plates for extended components clearances
custom adapter plate
Custom Adapter Plate attached to the socket guide on customer-supplied board
Adapter Mechanical Devices
Custom adapter Plate attached to socket guide side view

Mechanical Stoppers

Mechanical stoppers are placed on the adapter plate alignment pins. They act as an axis limit hardstops and are used to prevent operators from going beyond the necessary motion range.

mechanical stopper
Mechanical Stoppers mounted on the alignment pins

Mechanical-Devices sockets support

Since the introduction of the FlexTC on the market, we have custom-designed and manufactured mechanical interfaces that enable FlexTC to operate with test sockets from over 30 different manufacturers worldwide, including: Johnstech, Ironwood, Multitest, YAMAICHI, Enplas, Winway Technologies, Paricon, 3M, Wells-CTI, Ardent Concepts, IDI Antares, Phoenix ,Robson RTI, Gold Technologies, Aries Electronics, Plastronics and more.

Mechanical-Devices engineering group will design and manufacture mechanical interfaces for every existing socket on the market -from all brands.