Thermocouple Inserted Lids

Thermocouple-Inserted screw down lids are used for conducting temperatures from the Device Plunger to the DUT,they act as an intermediate substance. Each Thermocouple Lid consist a K-Type thermocouple for temperatures readings from near the DUTsurface. The thermocouple is then connected to the FlexTC rear panel port for closing loop. Mechanical-Devices offers cost effective, screw down, Thermocouple Inserted Lids for every existing socket. Alternatively, we work with the industry´s leading sockets manufacturing companies providing them the design rules for making thermocouple inserted socket lids (FlexTC ready sockets lids).

How to use screw down Thermocouple Inserted Lids

screw down thermocouple interface
Screw down Thermocouple Inserted Lids Interface
custom thermocouple DUT lid opening
Custom Thermocouple Inserted Lids interfaces the DUT through the lid opening
system back panel K type
System back panel K-type thermocouple port