Settling Time

FlexTC direct conduction thermal transfer solution is characterized by very short Tcase settling time. Temperatures transfer speed is a function of the temperature transfer coefficient (here in after referred as the “H factor”) between the touching surfaces – the higher the H factor is, the faster temperatures will transfer between the bodies.

FlexTC systems H factor is very high 4000(W·K¯¹·m¯²) compared to air- stream-based systems H factor which is only 120(W·K¯¹·m¯²) as a consequence temperatures are transferred within seconded from the device plunger to the DUT, dropping the case stabling time to seconds.

Example – Jumping into a swimming pool at 10°C will feel cold in a split of a second due to the high temperature transfer coefficient of water (Hwater=3000)which transferred the 10°C to the skin in a split of a second. However, going outdoors @ 10°C will not feel cold due to the low temperature transfer coefficient of air (Hair=80) which will only transfers the 10°C to the skin after long duration.

Device Plunger
Rapid temperature transfer between the Device Plunger and the DUT thanks to the high temperature transfer coefficient between the surfaces