Interchangeable Device Plungers

Device Plungers are installed in the FlexTC thermal head by operators in the field and their selection determines the system performance. Device Plungers create the direct contact with the DUT for both temperature transferring via conduction and for applying push down forces on the DUT case. Device Plungers prices are cost effective and they are suitable for operation with different types of devices including; BGA, LGA, QFP, QFN, DIL, SOP, WLCSP, Bare Die and more.

device plunger shapes
inserting device plunger
Inserting Device Plunger into thermal head
interchangeable device plunger inserted
Interchangeable Device Plunger inserted inside the thermal head
tall and standard device plungers
Tall and standard height Device Plungers
QFP device plunger
QFP Device Plungers

Device Plunger Selection

Device plungers construction includes Mechanical-Devices cooling units, thermal sensors and communication boards. Device Plunger selection is application-oriented and determines the temperature range and the cooling power performances of the FlexTC.

PN# Temp Range *Thermal Load (Watt) DUT Dimensions
MDDT-485 -55C to +155C 21Watt @ -40C >2X2mm

*Thermal Load = Device Power Dissipation + Board Thermal Mass + Purge Influences

tall device plunger
Tall Device Plungers for extended components clearances