Socketed DUT Interface application options:

The mounting holes locations are determined by the corresponding holes in the customer-supplied Socket / PCB board.


Adapter Plates are attached to test boards ,  the same Custom / Universal Adapter Plate can be used in many
projects for testing diversity of devices

Clip-On Actuator:
Robust and compact clip-on Z axis integrated actuator design. Consistent and reliable contact
and thermal conductivity. Touch screen for accurate actuating force control in Kgf, (remote controlled option available).
Adaptable for variety of soldered and socketed devices (2mm to 45mm). Fast, simple installation, detachment of the
thermal head using the clip connect.
Ideal for bench testing, ATE and productive test engineering.

Vacuum Box / Quick Connect Vacuum unit / Jig:  enable the quick replacement of devices in the sockets, these solutions
are suitable 
for customers who plan on testing many devices on a daily basis (over 100 units per day). 
Implementing pneumatic solutions eliminates the need for adapter plates but will require compressed air facilities 
for its operation. 


All types of IC packages


Sockets supported:

Since the introduction of our Thermal forcing system to the market, we have custom-designed and manufactured
mechanical interfaces that enable the Systems operation with test sockets from over 30 different manufacturers worldwide,

including: Johnstech, Ironwood, ECT Multitest, YAMAICHI, Enplas, , Winway Technologies , Paricon, 3M,
Wells-CTI, Ardent Concepts, IDI Antares, Phoenix ,Robson RTI, Gold Technologies, Aries Electronics,
Plastronics, etc.. 

Mechanical-Devices engineering group will design and manufacture mechanical interfaces for every existing
socket on the market -from all brands

Contact us for consultation on the best solution for your application


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