Humidity and Frost Free Operation

FlexTC/ MaxTC operation ensures frost and humidity free test environments through several prevention techniques.

A. Test Site Frost Prevention
The FlexTC/MaxTC thermal head has four purge outlets for the introduction of dry air or nitrogen close to the testing area, the constant Nitrogen or Dry Air flow creates a frost and humidity free shield around the DUT. An access line is connected to the unit back panel and the flow goes through the unit and the hose up to the outlets. the flow is software controlled via a solenoid which, by default, automatically opens the purge when the plunger temperature cools to 16°C.
B. Manifolds
Manifolds are used for preventing frost and humidity on the plunger and surroundings in Z up and Z down positions while using Boom Stands or Pneumatic Stations
Frost Preventing Manifold connected to thermal head
C. Board Backside Frost Prevention
Backside frost and humidity free environment is achieved using dry air or nitrogen purging through a Backside Frost Preventing Cover that is attached to the board backside. Using the system´s Front Panel Purge Outlet Option guarantees automatic prevention of frost build up on the board backside.
                           Backside Cover connected through the board mounting holes
D. Elastomeric Frost Preventing Armaflex Ring
Frost preventing Armaflex Rings are placed between the Universal Adapter Plate bottom surface and the board, they keep the purge dry air around the DUT and are insulating between the test area and the surrounding environment.
Elastomeric Frost preventing Armaflex Ring
Frost preventing Armaflex Ring placed between the Universal Adapter Plate and the board
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