No compressed air and
no chillers required
Fluid Free Operation Humidity and Frost
Free Control
Guaranteed Tcase
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The FlexTC Benchtop Temperature Forcing System is a technological breakthrough in DUT cooling and heating technology. FlexTC covers a wide temperature range of -55°C to +250°C with an accuracy of +/- 0.2°C. It is compact, self-contained, fluid-free and easily fits on a bench-top. FlexTC does not require compressed air or chillers and has ultra-quiet operation (40d BA).

The MaxTC Premium Temperature Forcing System is our latest product and a powerful evolution of the FlexTC,containing all the benefits of the former but with increased temperature range of -60°C to +300°C, enhanced transfer rates (120°C/min) and powerful cooling force. MaxTCprovides solutions for all cooling and heating needs in the semiconductor industry.

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ST-Microelectronics, Broadcom, Intel, Bosch, Apple, Marvell
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