No compressed air and
no chillers required
Fluid Free Operation Humidity and Frost
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Mechanical Devices - is a global leader and innovator in IC temperature forcing systems /solutions / temperature systems, that are used primarily by semiconductor manufacturers to test their IC and wafer.

Mechanical Devices IC thermal control units perform fast, accurate, stable and cost effective solutions, using advanced and patented technology.
With the industry´s state-of-the-art benchtop temperature control systems Flex TC and high power  Max TC, Mechanical Devices is changing the way of testing and thermal cycling of DUT´s, enabling semiconductor manufacturers to increase their own profitability by improving the efficiency of their IC and wafer test processes. 
Mechanical Devices end-user customers are among the world’s top semiconductor manufacturers. Our systems are well integrated with automatic test equipment (ATE) and Handler in production.

The FlexTC Benchtop Temperature  Forcing Test System is a technological breakthrough in DUT cooling and heating technology. FlexTC covers a wide temperature range of -55°C to +155°C with an accuracy of +/- 0.2°C. It is compact, self-contained, fluid-free and easily fits on a bench-top. FlexTC does not require compressed air or chillers and has ultra-quiet operation (40d BA). 

The MaxTC Premium Thermal Forcing Test System is our latest product and a powerful evolution of the FlexTC, containing all the benefits of the former but with increased temperature range of -65°C to +175°C/ +200°C, enhanced transfer rates (120°C/min) and powerful cooling force. MaxTC provides solutions for all cooling and heating needs in the semiconductor industry. 
Mechanical Devices Temperature Test Systems are proven for environmental test assure quality and help with failure analysis by environmental stressing the device throughout the semiconductor product design and manufacturing back end test.
These Products include and are protected by pending patents.
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Among our customers: 
Intel, Marvell, Analog, Microsemi, Microsoft, Apple, Cadence, Dialog, ST, Broadcom, Sandisk, NXP, Qualcomm, Freescale, InvenSense, Cisco, Samsung. and many more...
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